Student exchange insurance

With our insurance, you can travel without worrying about who will take care of your health, and you will have the certainty that the insurance will be accepted for your study visa.

From 28€ / month

Complet coverage without copayment + repatriation.

Valid for student visa from any country

Through the 3 largest insurance companies in Spain, Adeslas, Sanitas and Asisa.

Full coverage health insurance for long stays of students in Spain
Insurance for medical expenses and accident with repatriation for non-EU students in Spain
Insurance for europeans students who come to Spain, or for spanish students abroad

Our advantages


Documentation in 24 hours (at the moment in Academy y Study)


Personal advisor with Whatsapp, email or phone attention

Safe Payment

With credit card, Stripe or bank transfer.

Insurance companies

We work with te best insurances (Adeslas, Sanitas, Iati, Chapka, Asisa, DKV, Asisa, AXA..)


Urgent documentation option for the Complet Adeslas policy

Online processing

Automated process for higher speed and no need to print or scan documents


98 out of 100 customers would recommend us to their family or friends

Covid-19 coverage

Our insurances have coverage for Covid-19


El trato fue excelente tomando en cuenta que existe diferencia horaria la persona que me atendió siempre respondió mis dudas con cortesia, hize un pedido de urgencia y todo llegó en excelente tiempo. Ya los recomendé para el proceso de visas.
Sigan trabajando con entusiasmo, dedicación y con ese buen trato con el que me atendieron a mí

Adeslas Estudiantes
Sanitas International Students
Adeslas Health Insurance Spain
Sanitas Spain
Precio Adeslas

Adeslas México
Adeslas Chile
Adeslas Perú
Adeslas Colombia
Adeslas Francia
Adeslas Italia
Adeslas UK
Adeslas Spain
Adeslas Turkey
Adeslas India

Sanitas México
Sanitas Chile
Sanitas Perú
Sanitas Colombia
Sanitas Francia
Sanitas Italia
Sanitas UK
Sanitas Spain
Sanitas Turkey
Sanitas India

Asisa México
Asisa Chile
Asisa Perú
Asisa Colombia
Asisa Francia
Asisa Italia
Asisa UK
Asisa Spain
Asisa Turkey
Asisa India

Regarding Covid-19 coverage. All of our health insurance has coverage for Covid-19. Covering both hospitalization and intensive care, and the test required by the doctor who attends you in outpatient and hospital consultation.

Vaccines so far cannot be managed by insurers, so in this case, they are administered under the order of the Ministry of Health, or the autonomous community of residence.

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